• Larry Mack
    Posted Jul 15
    I am praying for good health
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  • Daniel Test
    Posted Mar 7
    May all those suffering from any curable diseases yet big pharma is always in the way. Let your mind wonder as the imagination is more powerful than any knowledge
    — Daniel G.
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  • Angelina Mathew
    Posted Mar 5
    As we begin a new year, I thank you for all that I have received from you, Lord.

    First of all, I thank you for my family, for life, for my health, for the affection and love that I receive, for the days of light, for my friends, for my work, for everything you give me every moment.

    Eternal God, principle of every creature; grant us that in this year that we are opening, we may enjoy peace, happiness and justice, that we abound in earthly goods and that we be the light of the world through the perfection of our works.

    We ask you, Lord, to bless and protect us, to help us and take care of us every day, every moment, and grant us to walk along good paths, full of peace, happiness and justice throughout the year that begins.

    May we be happy, Lord, in this universe of ours: he gives us life, sustains and governs us. May we be happy, Lord, with forgiveness and charity.

    You the most powerful to banish hatred and bitterness,
    You the most perfect to teach us to live in love and in harmony.

    You are the kindest to establish peace between us.

    May we be happy, Lord, with your word:
    without it there is no humanity, no solidarity, no equality.

    May we be happy, Lord, with love:
    it is the only light necessary to illuminate days and nights, to fill our homes with affection and joy,
    to fill our surroundings with joy and understanding.

    May we be happy, Lord, in this new year.

    You who are present among us
    because you are the blessed love,
    surround us with your Spirit,
    give us your blessings beloved Father,
    and grant us our dreams come true,
    provide us with your infinite charity and mercy
    what we long for and long for:

    Give us, Just and Good Father,
    what we need to improve our lives,
    so that misfortunes and poverty leave us
    and we can achieve happiness.

    In the name of almighty God, Amen.
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  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Posted November 29, 2020
    test to see if picture will post
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  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Posted November 29, 2020
    Prayers go to the Democratic Party for electing Joe Biden
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  • louisegonzales1211921677
    Posted November 28, 2020
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